Under Bust Silver Brocade with Black Satin Corset With side decorative lacing.

This long line under bust corset is hot!! It features silver claw clasp opening for easy release and decorative side lacing. The side lacing can be changed out with any ribbon or lace from the craft store, chains, or anything else that you can think of. While the decorative side lacing is not meant to add any cinch to the corset, It’s an option if narrow hips need a little extra attention to make the fit better. This is sometimes the case when men buy this corset, and they do! If you have a long torso or a generous abdomen and hips, you will also love love love this corset.

Front length: 13 inches
bust to bottom length: 11 inches
Back length: 13.2 inches
Side length: 11.5 inches

Fabric & Boning
Shell Fabric: 100% Brocade which is fused for strength
Lining: 100% Cotton Lining which is fused for strength
Boning: 12 Spiral Steel Bones & 2 Flat Steel Bones.

Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

$150 +50 for custom orders